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Aviation delivers industry-focused aircraft by providing dedicated platforms to enhance firefighter safety while accomplishing multiple missions with a single asset.

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    CROW Vision

    CROW Aviation strives to become the leader in multi-mission aircraft for U.S. government agencies actively engaged in Aerial Fire Fighting. We strive to be the pioneers, dedicated in specially-designed aircraft, focused on providing a single-point solution for the Lead Plane (LP), Air Supervision Modules (ASM), and Air Tactical Group Supervisor (ATGS) missions with technology, safety and innovation.

    • Enhance firefighter safety through overwatch and technology enhancements
    • Modular equipment design providing multiple mission capabilities
    • LP, ASM, ATGS training platforms

    About Us


    CROW Aviation history...

    CROW Aviation is a disabled veteran-owned and operated company. Formed in April 2019, we capitalize on over a decade of Special Operations combat military aviation. By leveraging our experience we are able to provide subject matter expertise in multiple mission areas. We are currently focused on bringing a dedicated mission-capable platform to the fire arena to help combat the continuing national challenge of forest fires.

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    Aerial Fire Fighting


    Safety is paramount in any aircraft flying against forest fires. The CROW modifications enhance aircrew safety thru avionics and other ergonomic changes providing a more eyes out cockpit; crucial during low level operations. The selected modifications and ISR equipment will bring battlefield tried and tested applications to hotshot teams and fire crews on the ground in the fire. With the ability to deliver life saving devices, information and communications direct to all team members, commanders, and oversight authorities; the CROW adds a level of safety to all involved.

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    The CROW

    CROW Aviation takes advantage of the utility of the Beechcraft King Air in stock form and applies commercial, off the shelf equipment to provide an aircraft no one else in the market offers. This one of a kind, multi mission-capable aircraft, has taken a giant leap in performance, safety, technology, and integrated surveillance, and reconnaissance equipment. These modifications will enable commanders to collect the most refined and developed information available. The CROW gives you a single-point, cost-effective solution with the flexibility to operate in all Lead Plane (LP), Air Supervision Modules (ASM), and Air Tactical Group Supervisor (ATGS) missions.

    To enquire about our specialty platforms and how CROW Aviation can help your organization meet your aircraft needs, click below.

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